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August 3, 2016 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Naturally Organic Center
1171 S Buffalo Dr
Las Vegas, NV 89117
How do you stop the vicious cycle of emotional, automatic eating, then feel icky afterwards because you’re now too full, your stomach is bloated out and your energy has taken a nosedive?

Plus now you have to deal with all the guilt, anger and self punishment of overeating AGAIN. And you weren’t even hungry!!

In this month’s Nourishing Essentials Self Care Series, you’ll learn the 8 step process Loralee has used for years to get a grip on her own unconscious, emotional eating patterns.

Rather than feeling guilty and beating yourself up for not having enough “willpower and self discipline” to follow through with telling yourself you’re not going to grab your favorite comfort foods today, you’ll learn how unconscious emotional eating patterns become imbedded within your nervous system and why willpowering your way through it does not work.

Instead, this workshop will explain 3 three critical factors that when you understand them and use them all together, they will help you retrain your nervous system so you can finally move beyond the cycle of automatic, emotional eating.

You will learn examples of better choices you can make instead of turning to food to ease emotions like pain, boredom, depression or anger that typically drive emotional eating.

And, we’ll explore what role essential oils play in helping you rise above these unconscious, emotional eating habits.

Instead of eating away uncomfortable or painful emotions, let’s learn to finally stop feeding your issues, and instead learn how to nourish your body and soul!

Investment $10.