November 8, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Esoteric Yoga with Master Ileana

Private Class no longer accepting students.


About The Seminars

Intensive Tantra Class – a progressive and advanced Tantric training for people who are ready to take control over their life and experience greatness and clarity

Do you feel that despite all your success, your life is still lacking something that is hard to define? Are you secretly longing for freedom and a great passion? Do you ever stay awake at night, wondering if you will ever get out of the circle of duty and guilt? Would like to find your own answers about the meaning of life?

If any of the above questions resonates with you, this class is for you!

Tantra, being the most advanced program of personal development ever known to humans, not only will give you answers to your life questions. It will actually help you discover them yourself, through your own direct experience!

Tantra is the spiritual path of saying YES to life in its all aspects. Tantra helps each of us develop our personal and practical understanding of spirituality, and together with it find purity, delight and spiritual awakening in everything we do.

The Benefits of the Course 

This course will help you find enjoyment and chances for personal and spiritual growth in all your life circumstances. You will develop a superior understanding and an unmatched level of energy. Among the effects of this training we can mention:

  • Increased levels of energy and well-being
  • Joyful and fulfilling love relationships
  • Health and harmony at physical, mental and emotional level
  • Increased strength and persistence in following your dreams and fulfilling your goals
  • The ability to discover extraordinary meanings within what seemed before to be ordinary and dull.

The ultimate goal of this training is to help us realize that we are essentially spiritual beings, blissful and timeless; that we are all bound together in spirit in an intrinsic web of connections that reveals the wonders of our Eternal Source.

Course Content

  • Tantric yoga poses for strengthening the body, controlling the mind and elevating emotions
  • Methods for using sexual energy as a tremendous transformative force
  • Relaxation and breathing techniques for rejuvenation and increased energy
  • Special teachings on amplifying femininity/virility and creating harmony and lasting attraction in a love relationship
  • Special techniques, rituals and magic for couples
  • Methods for using daily events for fast personal development
  • Information about healthy foods that support our well-being
  • Detailed knowledge of Astrology and human personalities

Extensive hand-outs are provided for each class; therefore you can also practice the techniques at home and thus obtain very quick results.


Course Structure

The teachings are gradualeach lesson building upon the previous ones.

The course is structured on 3 levels:

  • Level 1 – 12 weeks
  • Level 2 – Six months
  • Level 3 – advanced teachings

Previous commitment to an entire level is NOT required.


  • 1 class: $25
  • 1 month: $60


Teacher’s Message

My name is Ileana Stefanescu. I have been teaching Yoga and Tantra for over 20 years and hold multiple international certifications. I have shared my passion for spirituality with hundreds of students along the years, conducting yoga and Tantra classes, conferences, and workshops in Europe and US.

Practiced correctly and with perseverance, Tantra impacted every area of my life. I discovered the tremendous value of approaching love and sexuality from a tantric point of view. The certitude about God’s presence in everything grew up in me naturally. I became aware of my energetic bodies, and my health improved tremendously, together with my self-esteem and charisma. I discovered with amazement that true love, unconditional, free of prejudices and complete is a great key towards spiritual awakening. I discovered that life itself is a divine school of initiation where every event is a lesson meant to expand our understanding, love and compassion.


My motto is: “In life we are meant to create like a God, to command like a king, to work like a slave, to love like an angel, to sleep like a child and to die standing like a tree.” – Constantin Brancusi, Romanian sculptor


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