Be the change you want to see in the world.

Start or continue your journey of healing and manifestation in Las Vegas’ most advanced Qigong Teacher Certification program under the tutelage of Sifu JC.  Sifu JC is one of Grandmaster Steven Baugh’s top students.  With this certification, you will be inducted into a lineage of healers that dates back hundreds of years.

This course will teach you an authentic Qigong practice to be used for self-healing, longevity, mind expansion, manifestation and can be taught all around the world under the Golden Dragon School.

You will learn:
Rules of Posture,
Breathing Techniques,
Cultivation Methods,
and how to Purge, Tonify, and Regulate energy.

The different forms you will be able to teach will be:
Longevity Set
Eight Sections of Brocade
Massage Qigong
Inner Smile
Hand to the Heart
Golden Ball
and more

Take this journey and you will make many positive changes in your life. The question is, are you ready?