Sihing Odin has fully revamped his Tonic Tea class to include meditation exercises that help empower the effects of these wonderfully powerful herbs. Each week will be a new lesson and a new meditation technique that will progress with a series of themes that last for 5-6 weeks. This is a fully formed herbal and meditation practice for both beginners and experts alike. This information is powerful and can help balance our lives in all aspects.

Thursday, November 16th will mark the first day in this journey of mind, body, and spirit and will conclude on December 14th

The first 5 week series will include
1st Week Introduction to Meditation and Tonic Herbs
2nd What is Chi(energy) and how can we manifest more
3rd Week What is Jing (physical body) and how to build foundation
4th Week What is Shen(spirit) and how to empower our emotions
5th Week Introduction to Alchemy and Transmutation

Remember the class and tea are free so invite your friends and family and let’s grow together!