Fitness is a skill not a talent.  Exercise should be viewed as a skill that needs to be refined and improved upon.  If you understand this secret to fitness, success in your goals is inevitable.

Many people believe they do not have the talent or lack the motivation to be successful in exercise.  When you are learning to ride a bicycle and you fall, you do not conclude that there is something wrong with you and that you do not have the willpower and discipline to ride a bike.  You would realize that it is just a skill that you have not fully developed yet.

When you view fitness as a skill then you must change your view of “workouts” into “training”.  Training your body to perform a physical skill takes a lifetime, and is much more motivating than a workout because there is no end to training.  It is important to choose a type of exercise that is fun and interesting to you whether it’s swimming, weight lifting, gymnastics, etc. because it won’t feel like a chore.

Once you have decided on what type of fitness program to undertake, the next step is to increase your knowledge in that particular sport.  Learn the techniques, programming, and training regimen from someone qualified to teach and someone who has been training in that sport for many years.  Learning from a coach is incredibly important for beginners because it ensures proper technique and programming that will accelerate progress much faster than without a coach.

Fitness is a mind state.  Think of it as you are training your body to perform a specific movement and as you must refine and improve your techniques.  Find a physical activity that is fun for you.  Whether it’s weightlifting, calisthenics, Tai Chi, or Yoga, you must develop these skills and train accordingly.  You will make quick progress and will be excited to exercise for the rest of your life!

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