Golden Dragon School

2018 School Program Starts February 1st 2018


Regular Schedule Classes: 

Qigong Artist Teacher Certification Form Training 
(100 Hours) – Fridays 1215-2p 

Begins again in 2019! 

Begins Friday, Feb 1st, 2019 and every Friday until May 24th

Cost $750 ($600 Paid in Full) or $50 Per Two Hour Class (open to the public)
Early registration $500 by December 31st, 2018
Deadline by January 31st, 2019

Video access at the end of available for remainder of the 2019 year course $100 in addition.

Medical Qigong –
 Tuesday through Fridays 10-11a $10

Medical, Martial and Spiritual Qigong – Saturdays 9-10a $10 

NEW! Qigong Nature Class and Tea – Seasonal (last Thursday of the month) 10-1130a $15

Tai Chi (Taiji Chuan)
Yang Style 48 Form and Health Benefits – Fridays 11-12p $15 
Yang Style 48 Form and Martial Function – Saturdays 10-11a $15
NEW! Chen Style Form, Weapons and Pushhands – Saturdays 11-12p $15

Wisdom Seekers (Spiritual lessons to be announced) – Wednesdays 530-630p FREE 


Spiritual Warrior School Year Outline – Friday, January 26th 6-7p and Sat 27th 12-2p FREE
Medical Qigong Theory on Cancer & Natural Immunity –
 Saturday, May 19th 12-2p $20 

Life of a Scholar Warrior (Goal Setting and Journaling) – Saturday, Oct 20th 12-2p $20
Blessings and the Power of Your Voice – Saturday, November 24th 12-2p $20


The Art of Tea – Saturday, January 6th 12-2pm – Saturday, March 31st  12-2p 
– Saturday, September 1st  12-2p – Friday, December 7th 5-7p $15
Qigong Empowerment – Saturday, February 3rd 12-2p $20
Tai Chi Grand Martial Art Intro – Saturday, February 24th 12-2p $20

Iron Body 108 Day Training – Intro Friday, April 6th 5-7p $50 (applies to full cost)
Starts Saturday, April 7, 14, 21, 28th 12-2p $300 (includes detailed handouts)

Becoming the Healer – Saturday, July 14th 12-3p $50
Meditation 5 Step Mastery Program – Saturday, September 8th 12-4p $100  
Intuitive Development and Jedi Training –
 Saturday, December 8th 12-2p $25

NEW! Qigong and Meditation Nature Walk Series – 
$50 ($40
Pre register) Package $100
Includes Vegan fruit lunch, I AM Loved water bottle, detailed handouts and herb identification
Saturday, March 17th 12-3p New Moon Spring Equinox Desert Adventure
Saturday, June 30th 12-3p Full Moon Summer Solstice Low Mountains Adventure
Saturday, August 11th 12-3p New Moon Autumn High Mountains Adventure 
NEW! Private Lesson Self Mastery Training with Sifu JC  $600
Goal oriented packages in private home studio relaxing Zen Garden. Saturdays and Sundays
Meditation Manifestation and Stress Reduction or Meditation for Internal Alchemy  
10 Hours (5 sessions 2 hours or 10 sessions 1 hour) includes detailed handouts
Qigong for Beauty, Weight loss, Strength or Immunity 
10 Hours (5 sessions 2 hours or 10 sessions 1 hour) includes detailed handouts 
Tai Chi for Health and Wellness or Tai Chi for Self Defense and Self Awareness 
10 Hours (5 sessions 2 hours or 10 sessions 1 hour) includes detailed handouts


Once Per Week Qigong Class

$400per year
  • 1 class per week

Twice Per Week Qigong Classes

$700per year
  • 2 classes per week

Unlimited Qigong Classes

$1250per year
  • unlimited classes per week

Once Per Week Friday Tai Chi Classes

$400per year
  • 1 Friday Tai Chi Class per week

Once Per Week Saturday Tai Chi Classes

$400$per year
  • 1 Saturday Tai Chi class per week

Unlimited Tai Chi Classes

$700$per year
  • Unlimited classes

Unlimited Lectures Pass

  • Take any Spiritual Warrior Lecture

Unlimited Workshops Pass

  • Take any Spiritual Warrior Workshop