Looking for a traditional and authentic healing system?
Looking for a complete system that includes an in depth Healing
System, Martial Arts and Spiritual practices?
Looking for the ultimate transformation into the Spiritual Warrior?

Golden Dragon Arts is in its third year of operating Las Vegas’ complete school of Qigong,
Tai Chi, Superior Tonic Herbalism, Nutrition Training, Iron Body 108 Day Method, Meditation,
Intuitive Development, “Wellucation” lectures, and hands on workshops.
The school offers one, three and five year programs based on becoming the best version of yourself.
 We call it the Spiritual Warrior Program. These programs will take the student through a complete
authentic system to train the body and mind based on thousands of years antidotal
evidence and modern day western science.

Qigong Healing System – Curriculum
Qigong practice including mostly medical exercises to detox the body on a emotional and
physical level and learning how to stimulate the endocrine system to become vibrantly
healthily, going into the second and third year students will learn the martial side of Qigong
including the famous Iron Shirt which also has incredible health benefits. Going into the third
to five years the student will learn spiritual exercises that will help lead the
student to a stronger and healthy body and a clean clear mind.

Tai Chi (Taiji Chuan) Martial Arts – Curriculum
Golden Dragon Holistic Arts offers the complete system of Tai Chi (Taiji Chuan).
Training includes learning weapons such as fan, saber and more advanced swordsmanship
levels such as double edge sword (Jin). Push Hands and applications are also taught from
the very beginning to higher levels. Students have the opportunity to join our gold medal
team and compete with us at the Tai Chi International Competition in Las Vegas.

Spiritual Warrior – Curriculum
Golden Dragon Arts basic teacher certification serves as the first level of the Spiritual

Warrior training program. The Spiritual Warrior training program is a long-term
commitment and is completed over a minimum five-year time line, and possibly much longer
depending on student’s level of readiness and ability to teach and understand all the materials
and practices. It involves working under the guidance of a teacher and mentor for the
betterment of oneself and humanity. The Spiritual Warrior training includes learning the
Qigong Healing and Martial System, Tai Chi Classes, Herbs and Nutrition, Meditation,
Iron Shirt, Buddhism and/or Daoism, Wellness Lectures and Private Training.

Golden Dragon Arts offers monthly lectures to help educate other facets of
Health and Wellness  and monthly Workshops based on the lunar calendar
and the natural cycles
of the seasons to deliver a complete system of health
and harmony that will truly transform your
body mind and spirit.


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