Qigong Healing System – Curriculum

Learn a series of exercises designed to cleanse away old toxic and negative emotions before learning to gather and store energy to make sure the “Tea Cup is Empty before Filing it Up”. This complete Qigong system is based on the understanding of Purging, Tonifying and Regulating Medical Qigong Theory.

Beginner Level (1 Year) Basic Teacher Certification

3 Chi Awaking – Connect Earth, Mankind, Heaven
18 Dao Yins – Posture Training
Longevity Set – Opening the Meridians
Hand to the Heart – Turn your hands into healing hands
Massage Chi Kung – Stimulate the Endocrine System
8 Section Brocade – Cleanse the Emotions
Inner Smile – Laughing Medicine
Golden Ball – Regulate the Energy

After the first year of cleansing students start to practice and master the more advanced
Qigong forms learning 5 Element theory and Martial Qigong to strengthen and build the body,
qualifying to practice for the ultimate body and mind transformation Iron Shirt 108 day practice.

Intermediate Level (2-3 Years)

Silk Weavers
Silk Weavers Shao Lin Version
Cloud Hands
5 Elements
6 Healing Sounds
Knowledge of Dit Da Jow
Medical Qigong Knowledge
Bak Mai Hard Qigong
Dao Mo – Muscle Change
Iron Shirt 108 day practice

Once students complete the 2-3 year program and can demonstrate smooth muscle and
breath control and proficiency in each system they can begin the more advanced Medical,
Martial and Spiritual forms of Qigong.

Advanced level (5 Years Min) Advanced Teacher Certification

Bak Mai Hard Qigong Advanced
Tai Chi Chi Kung
Five Elements – Eight Sections
Standing Meditation 3+1
Medical Qigong Healing System:
Hun Yuan Prescription Exercises
Chi Scatter
Taoist 5
Point Respiration, Organ Massage
Iron Shirt Golden Bell Style