Qigong Healing System – Curriculum

Learn a series of exercises designed to cleanse acquired emotions reinforce ones’ true virtuous nature, strengthen the physical body and focus the mind and spirit with the ultimate goal of exuberant health and vitality. This outline is a general idea of the progression of the Qigong Arts and may take some longer to complete rather for teaching or self-cultivation and understanding.
Qigong Certifications have an oral tradition, exercise demonstration, and written exams.

“The Qigong Artist” Level 1 Teacher Certification
(Min 100 hours Minimum Requirement)

Salute and 3 Chi Awakening – Connect Earth, Mankind, Heaven
18 Rules of Posture Training
Longevity Set – Opening the Meridians
Hand to the Heart – Turn your hands into healing hands
Massage Qigong – Stimulate the Endocrine System
8 Section Brocade – Cleanse the Emotions
Inner Smile – Laughing Medicine
Golden Ball – Regulate the Energy
Chen Village Closing

“The Qigong Adept” Level 2 Teacher Certification
(Min 300 hours Minimum Requirement)

Silk Weavers
5 Elements – 8 Sections
6 Healing Sounds
Hun Yuan Prescription Exercises
Bak Mai Hard Qigong
Wuji Stance – 10min Earth Energy

“The Qigong Scholar”  Advanced Teacher Certification
(Min 500 hours Minimum Requirement)

Silk Weavers Shaolin Version
Cloud Hands
Old Man
Children’s Qigong
Dao Mo – Muscle Change
Five Elements – Eight Sections
Standing Meditation 3+1
I Chuan Postures – 20min

“The Qigong Sage” Master Teacher Certification
(1100 hours Minimum Requirement)

San Bao
Shen Gong
Ren Wu Zang
Qigong Walking
Tai Chi Qigong – Lohan Warrior Priest
Bak Mai Hard Qigong Advanced
Iron Body 108 day practice