Spiritual Warrior – Curriculum

Spiritual Warrior Level

Oath – “Live every day content but ambitious, free and righteous to serve and protect all mankind and the earth”

Understanding the Philosophy of the Yin-Yang, 5 Element Theory and living with nature and the seasons and also living in harmony with your fellow mankind.
Qigong for Health and Healing, Strengthening the body and Spiritual Enlightenment
Understanding Natural Medicine (Internal and External)
Herbs and Nutrition Knowledge
Taiji Chuan complete system
Iron Body 108 day practice and understanding of Nei Gong theory
Meditations techniques for Self-Healing, Relaxation, Spiritual connection
Understanding the Spiritual Realms
House and Personal Blessings
World Prayers
Chants and Dharma for Healing and Protection
Understanding and study of world religions
Internal Alchemy

Each student will be assigned specific home work and study assignments based on their talents and specific goals in life.
Master Sifu JC will be a personal guide and mentor with each student, challenging them in many aspects of their lives.