Tai Chi (Taiji Chuan) Martial Arts Curriculum

Beginner Level (1 Year)

Basic understanding of class routine –
Stretch Set – Longevity, 5 set, sides
Chan Ssu Jin – Tracing Yin Yang, Tracing double circles, Grinding Corn
Yow Jin – Circle the Ball, Wild Horse, Grasp birds tail, Yun Sao
Form – Slow pace about 7-10min
Standing Meditation – Earth Heaven Man Tree Posture
Push Hands – Basic Rooting Skills

Intermediate Level (2-3 Years)
Basic Teacher Certification

Stretch Set – Longevity, 5 set, sides and balance warm-ups
5 kicks four directions, Leg lifts 4 styles, Shang Hi, Open the Bamboo
Kicks – Slap forward kicks, sweep kicks (lotus), slow balance kicks
Chan Ssu Jin – San Bao, Spiral Downward, Polishing Mirrors, Phoenix Rising
Yow Jin – Grasp Birds Tail, Brush Knee and Push, Fair Lady, Repulse the Monkey
Form – Fast Paced, No legs, No arms
Standing Meditation – Yin and Yang Fire and Water
Push Hands – Intermediate skills
Fan and Saber Training

Advanced level (8-10 Years Min)
5000 Teaching Hours
Advanced Teacher Certification

Chan Ssu Jin – Golden Wind Twin Dragons, Circle Chopping, Tea Pots,
Heaven and Earth, Dragon Diving,
Fa-jing – out and in, Ban Nan Chuay, Thunder kicks… Plus
Form – Moving in a box, some form of competition and Saber Form
Standing Meditation – Wuji 10-20min
Understand the 13 postures.
Push Hands – Advanced Techniques
Jin (Double Edge Sword) Training
Completion of the traditional forms of Yang 48, Yang Fan, Yang Saber 48, Yang Jin, Chen 56, Chen Saber