Our Gongfu Tea Ceremony is a traditional Chinese method of preparing and serving tea. We use premium quality organic tea leaves and eeTee which is an extraction technology that extracts the original plant fingerprint. In other words, there is more nutrition and flavor in the tea we serve!

The ceremony lasts up to one hour and is a great experience for anyone interested in learning more about tea or for those who already drink tea! It is a great experience for those who have important business meetings because the tea helps calm the mind and nerves which will enable you to make better business decisions.

Gong Fu Tea with Sifu JC

Gong Fu Style Tea Ceremony $30
Gong Fu Style Tea Ceremony plus
Infusions, Tonic Herbs and Elixirs $50
Serves up to 5 people (approx. 1 hour by appt.)

Call to set up your appointment 702-433-3874