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9:00 am Qigong – Medical, Martial and Sp...
Qigong – Medical, Martial and Sp...
Jan 20 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am
Qigong - Medical, Martial and Spiritual Forms with Sifu JC @ Naturally Organic Healing Center | Las Vegas | Nevada | United States
What is Qigong (Chi Kung)? Qigong is the art of developing internal energy particularly for health and vitality, mind expansion and spiritual cultivation. Qigong uses body movements, rhythmic breathing, visualizations and healing sounds. Qigong is[...]
10:00 am Tai Chi Yang 48 with Sifu JC
Tai Chi Yang 48 with Sifu JC
Jan 20 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Tai Chi Yang 48 with Sifu JC @ Naturally Organic Healing Center | Las Vegas | Nevada | United States
The complete Tai Chi system includes etiquette, stretching, Chan Ssu Jin (Silk Reeling Exercises), Yow Jin (Waist Training), Form and Posture Work, Standing Meditation, Push Hands, Fan, and Swords – Saber and Jin. Tai Chi[...]
1:00 pm Guided Meditation with Petia
Guided Meditation with Petia
Jan 20 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Guided Meditation with Petia @ Naturally Organic | Las Vegas | Nevada | United States
Weekly Guided Meditations that will help you get more clarity, balance, happiness, and health in your life. Let’s just simply BE in the moment and let life unfold. $10 Investment
6:00 pm Spiritual Experience Discussions
Spiritual Experience Discussions
Jan 20 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Free, weekly event to discuss spiritual experience of all faiths in a respectful and open environment.
11:30 am Holistic Toast Masters
Holistic Toast Masters
Jan 22 @ 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
Toastmasters International is the world’s largest public speaking and leadership organization. Join the Holistic Toastmasters every Monday of every month from 11:30 to 1pm and become a better leader and communicator in a non-threatening environment.
6:00 pm ALIVE – A Nia Fitness Fusion Ex...
ALIVE – A Nia Fitness Fusion Ex...
Jan 22 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
The focus of this Nia Technique experience – a fusion fitness of martial arts, dance arts and healing arts – is to gently awaken and expand the sensation of aliveness throughout your entire body. Nia[...]

Buddha’s Yang 500mg 100 caps


This formulation is for those who desire to build Yang Jing energy. It is completely vegetarian. Many of the most powerful Yang Jing tonics are derived from animal sources. However, a few plants are recognized as being extremely powerful Yang Jing tonics as well, and Buddha’s Yang contains all of the most powerful Yang Jing tonifying herbs from China.


The Herbs in Buddha’s Yang


Cistanche Stem


This herb is used to strengthen the yang energy, and is famous in China as a sexual tonic that was used by Chinese royalty and by Qi Gung practitioners. Cistanche builds deep strength and is quite revitalizing when used continuously for a period of time. It promotes healthy colon functioning. It is an excellent antiaging herb.


Epimedium leaf


Epimedium leaf is widely known as a powerful Yang Jing tonic and sexual stimulant. Epimedium is widely known as “horny goat weed” because when goats eat it, they copulate. Epimedium supports healthy bones and joints. It is also known to be calming and relaxing. Recent research indicates that Epimedium helps to support a healthy immune system. Epimedium must be processed properly or it can actually weaken Yang energy. Dragon Herbs painstakingly processes its Epimedium leaves based on ancient and modern scientific principles.


Cinnamon Bark


Chinese Cinnamon bark is a strong essence (Jing) tonic that promotes a healthy circulatory system and powerful internal energy. It is sweet and spicy, and has a hot energy. Cinnamon bark is said to increase the Yang energy and sexual vitality. The best Cinnamon bark in the world comes from Southeast Asia from trees where the bark is, at its best, over twenty years old. Dragon Herbs uses this powerful aged Cinnamon bark to produce Buddha’s Yang.


Eucommia Bark


Eucommia is a superb Yang Jing tonic, used to support a healthy back (especially the lower back), skeleton, and joints (especially the knees and ankles). Eucommia is believed to confer strength and flexibility to the ligaments and tendons. It is often used by martial artists, yoga practitioners, Qigong practitioners, and other athletes. Eucommia is the bark of a temperate zone rubber tree. The older the tree and older the bark, the more potent the tonic effects of this herb. Most Eucommia bark used in the market is just a few years old. Dragon Herbs uses only bark that is from trees older than 15 years of age.

Cnidium Seed


The small fruit is a superb tonic to the primal Yang essence and is thus used in many tonics for both men and women. It is widely believed in the Orient to be a superb longevity herb and an excellent sexual tonic. It is said to support healthy bones.


Cuscuta Seed
Cuscuta seed is commonly used in long term tonic programs, often in combination with Cnidium seed. It is a gentle tonic for the Kidney Yin and Yang, and also helps nourish Qi. It helps the Kidney to consolidate the Qi. It is widely used to help maintain normal vision, nourish the sperm and marrow, and support healthy bones.


Cornus Fruit


This sour fruit plays an important role in many tonic formulations designed to build Jing. It is thought to lock energy into the system and prevent the energy from ‘leaking” out. This is an important function to those practicing internal forms of Qigong. It is a powerful Yin Jing tonic. It has yang qualities as well.


Cynomorium Root


Cynomorium is considered to be a superb tonic to the primal Yang and is thus used in many tonics for both men and women. It is widely believed in the Orient to be a superb longevity herb and an excellent sexual tonic. It is said help maintain healthy bones. It is an excellent Yang tonic for women.


Schizandra Fruit


Schizandra is a famous tonic historically consumed by Chinese royalty and by Taoist masters. It is one of the few herbs that contains all three treasures. Schizandra is renowned as a beauty tonic and is considered to be a youth preserving herb. It is also said to be a powerful tonic to the brain and mind, and is believed in China to improve memory. It is also said to be an excellent sexual tonic when consumed regularly. It is said to benefit sexual functioning on many levels and to strengthen the whole body. The Schizandra berries are wild collected at high elevation from Changbai Mountain in Manchuria.


Goji Berry


This supertonic fruit is very widely used as an excellent Yin Jing and blood tonic. Regular consumption of Goji is traditionally believed to promote cheerfulness and vitality. Goji is also said to brighten the eyes and support healthy eye function. It is said that Goji strengthens the legs and benefits sexual function. The Goji berries used to make this product are wild crafted in the foothills of Heaven Mountain.*


Traditional Function: Tonifies Yang, Nourishes Yin*


Who can use it?

Men and women who wish to increase their Yang Jing energy. It is excellent for athletes and martial artists who desire more “inner power.”


Concentration: 8:1 concentrated powdered extract


Specifications: 100 Capsules 500 mg each



Epimedium leaf, Cistanche stem, Prepared Sichuan Aconite root, Cnidium seed, Cuscuta chinensis seed, Cinnamon bark, Cornus officinalis fruit, Polygala root, Cynomorium stem, Eucommia bark, Goji berry, Schizandra fruit.


Other Ingredients: Vegetarian capsules**, rice powder, calcium stearate.



This formulation may be used as one’s sole Yang Jing tonic, or it may be enhanced even further by the addition of Cistanche Long Stalk Drops, Deer Antler Drops, Cordyceps Drops, Ant Drops or Super Ant Capsules, all of which are available from Dragon Herbs in tincture form or capsule form.

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Product Description

Buddha’s Yang is a completely vegetarian, very powerful sexual tonic and Yang Jing building formula containing all of the greatest plant-sourced Yang Jing tonifying herbs of China. Warming, physically strengthening and sexually energizing, this profound Kidney Jing combination supports all physical activities, endurance and functions, and specifically enhances any physical performance, sexual or athletic. This formulation provides Yang Jing energy to quickly increase heat, initiative, strength, structural support, energy, power and stamina for any physically demanding endeavor.


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