JC Cox owner and operator of NOHC has been studying and teaching nutritional and herb based classes and doing one on one consultation’s for over fifteen years.

When it comes to nutritional needs, no two people are alike. Perhaps you’re unable to exercise due to an injury. Or maybe you’re allergic to certain foods and need to eliminate them from your diet. JC offers customized personal health consulting to fit your life, your schedule, and your dietary requirements.

JC offers personal health consulting including a full custom report that touches on life style, environment and other body, mind, spirit considerations.

If you’re looking to become a healthier, more confident and vibrant version of yourself, it’s time to look into personal health consultation.

Hour long session includes:

  • A personal nutrition assessment
  • A detailed diet plan/includes when to take your supplements
  • Grocery and ingredient education
  • A Free class in Tai Chi or Chi Kung from Sifu JC (also a master in these arts)


Cost is $50
Because JC owns his own store he can keep the cost very low as where most places or nutritionalist charge hundreds of dollars for the same service.

Call today to setup your appointment / can be over the phone or in person


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