Isa Danser -Wellness Teacher,  Reiki Master,  EFT Tapping Coach

Chair Reiki

Uplift your mind, body, and spirit with energy healing techniques. Your receptiveness is your gateway to transformation.

Transforming your world by taking one step forward. Putting yourself in a place of healing, removing the past layers and creating new pathways to fully enjoy each moment of your life.

What does a more powerful YOU look like?

Isa BELIEVES all peace and power comes from within. We find the strength we need to empower ourselves and other through teachable times.  We are all capable of maintaining our own sublime body’s energy which can be depleted by life experiences.

Our wellness in life is an ongoing journey which enhances by our continued connection to our well-being and seeing ourselves grow to our full potential in life.

Healing Sessions work on our meridian flow of energy (chi) in the sublime body. The Sublime body is our energy body (Chi, Qi, Prana, or Beath of Life) which we can’t see with our eyes. Our life experiences, thoughts, emotions, and stress can be stored in our muscles and energy body. An energy healing session help to give us relief and strengthen our entire being.

Light Healing helps restore the parts of ourselves that aren’t embodied in fullness while assisting us to enliven, enlighten and energize.

Reiki Sessions with Isa

60 Minute Reiki Session: $85

3 Sessions for $230


EFT Tapping Coaching ~ Private Session

1 Hour: $100

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